Ding Dong is Stag beer’s newest brand ambassador

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Ding Dong’s resurgence at the top of entertainment circles has hit another musical high having been announced as the latest brand ambassador for the Trinidadian product Stag Beer.

Gary Dixon company’s J Wray and Nephew director of marketing, said the product targets a mass market and that, “Ding Dong is in that middle ground. His music is real fun, and this brand is more about light-hearted fun. He is a star and his dancing is what’s popular in dancehall at present.”

“We are targeting anyone who is seeking an alternative. This is a refreshing beer alternative, and we decided to bring one of the Caribbean’s best offerings.”.

Ding Dong is elated “This is a blessed opportunity. Big up to Wray and Nephew because they see the value that we can offer to their product. It’s a blessing to have a company within the Corporate Area to really look at a dancer to be a brand ambassador,” he said.

He said the association will open the doors for other dancers. ” The exposure other dancers will get within the corporate circles is way more than any money you can getâ” he added.

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