dancehall selector foota hype disses alkaline at best of the best concert

dancehall selector foota hype disses alkaline at best of the best concert

Dancehall artist Alkaline became the laughing stock of many patrons who attended Best of the Best recently, as popular selector Foota Hype used fans of Vybz Kartel as ammunition to make little of Alkaline’s deejaying skills.

Alkaline, who performed seconds before Foota Hype’s set, had high and low moments during his performance. However, all his efforts onstage were swiftly swept under the rug, after Foota Hype asked the audience to show hands if they believed Alkaline was a better artiste than Vybz Kartel.

The same fans who only moments ago cheered for Alkaline, quickly switched sides in favor of Vybz Kartel, with some even booing Alkaline to show their support for the incarcerated deejay, who last performed at Best of The Best via satellite in 2011.

Some members of Alkaline’s entourage tried to make their way to the backstage area following Foota Hype’s comments. However, organizer to the event, Jabba, was swift in his actions and sent security personnel to ensure that no physical altercation occurred.

“It was spontaneous, but at anytime you can hear me do something like that because Alkaline do a song a disrespect me, so he opened the door for this type of thing. If you see clearly, I didn’t really disrespect him, I just did a read between the line thing and worked with the audience,” he continued.

“Him get vex and sey him a send man on the stage fi box mi, sey him a tek it pon a physical level, which it never happened and that is a good thing for him. Because yu cyah diss Foota Hype physically and a travel the world. Him need fi stop mek him likkle entourage fool him, but it’s the music business, it’s entertainment,” Foota Hype said.

The DJ also said Alkaline’s performance was less than impressive, therefore, his (Foota Hype) actions couldn’t have caused much more damage.

“Him kuff himself because dem did a clap him off before mi even go out there. So a him hurt himself, him diss me on a song which is played on the radio everyday and accuse me of being gay. A yu did a throw wud pon record against Vybz Kartel, so why get upset when the people speak … that don’t mek no sense, don’t vex,” Foota Hype said.

Foota Hype, who arrived at Best of The Best late, says he was arriving from another event and is tightly booked for the rest of the summer.

Alkaline, who was performing at the event for this first time with his newly formed band, performed songs like Wifey and 123 among others.