dancehall new sensation gully bop too busy for his new teeth

dancehall new sensation gully bop too busy for his new teeth

It appears that Internet dancehall sensation Gully Bop, aka Country Man, will need to take a trip to the United States to fix his smile, after he reportedly missed his free dental appointment and the US-based dentist is scheduled to leave the island in a few days.

THE WEEKEND STAR contacted New York-based dentist Dr Kerisa Harriott, and she told our news team that she was told by Gully Bop’s manager, Shauna, that the upcoming artiste was unable to make his appointment because he was booked for a show in Montego Bay.

Harriott told THE WEEKEND STAR that despite his missed appointment, she was still willing to perform the procedure on the artiste at his convenience.

At this point, we are waiting on him to become available, when his schedule is less hectic, he just doesn’t have the time, she said. When THE WEEKEND STAR inquired about the cost of the procedure if the upcoming artiste had to pay, Harriott revealed that it would cost approximately US$2,000 or J$230,000.

Late last month, Harriott and her colleague offered their service free of cost to Gully Bop, after seeing a video of him online deejaying and becoming enthralled with his intricate flow and lyrics. The Jamaican-born dentist believes that Gully Pop suffers from periodontal gum disease which would take about three to seven sessions before it can be corrected. Harriott admitted to THE WEEKEND STAR that she could not say when she will be able to begin fixing the artiste’s teeth because they have not engaged in dialogue about rescheduling, and she is set to return to the United States on Sunday.

She has hinted, however, that he would possibly have to visit her at her practice in New York if an appointment is not made. “I cannot say when he will get the procedure done, because we have not set up another appointment. I will be leaving the island on Sunday, so he would possibly have to come to the States to get it done,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Gully Bop rose to fame late last year, after a video of him deejaying his now hit single Every Gyal Want A Wuk Offa Me went viral online, with many declaring that he should use his new found success to fix his mouth.