Dancehall Fans Fire At Security Minister

JAN 20TH,2013

Dancehall lovers are reacting following a statement made by Security Minister Peter Bunting who bashed Vybz Kartel for his song Reparation, which the Minister says justifies the ills of scamming.

According to dancehall fans, Minister Bunting should deal with the problem at hand and not search for a scapegoat. They also express that entertainers should be mindful of their social responsibilities.

Security Minister Peter Bunting made it clear in a recent press conference that incarcerated dancehall deejay ‘Vybz Kartel’ contributes to the ongoing scamming issue that has been a major problem for the Jamaican Government.

Bunting quoted Kartel’s lyrics from his single “Reparation” which also features Gaza Slim calling it “an amazing piece of propaganda for scammers.”

Following its release, VK’s song featuring Slim was banned from radio and television stations across the island.