count ossie

Born: March, 1926
St. Thomas,Jamaica
Died: Oct 18, 1976

Born Oswald Williams, Count Ossie
grew up in a rasta community were he learned techniques of vocal chanting and hand drumming. He formed a group called ‘Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari’ and recorded 2 albums with them. His masterpiece was ‘Grounation’ (1973),
3 LP set, which includes songs as ‘Oh Carolina’, ‘So Long’, and ‘Grounation’
Two years later ‘Tales Of Mozambique’ was issued, continuing the legacy of the first album. There has been some debate as to the cause of his death in 1976. While some sources claim that he was killed in an auto accident, others
say that he was trampled to death when a crowd panicked at the National Arena.

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