cornell campbell

Born: 1948
Kingston |Jamaica

Falsetto voiced Cornell Campbell recorded his first material for Studio
One and was a member of both The Uniques and The Eternals scoring a number of Studio One-generated hits.
His self-titled debut album appeared in 1973, but his popularity peaked in the mid 1970s with the ‘flying cymbals’ sound, leading to major Jamaican hits with tracks such as ‘Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm’, ‘Natural Fact’, ‘The Gorgon’ and ‘Boxing’ (the latter for Joe Gibbs), as well as reprised versions of his Eternals’ hits. Throughout the 1970s he also recorded with other record producers such as Winston Holness
(‘I Heart Is Clean’) and Winston Riley (‘Them A Bad’). By the late 1970s, Campbell’s popularity had begun to
wane and he increasingly concentrated on love songs. After the mid 80s, new recordings were less common, although he has maintained a strong following

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