Cham releases two new videos

NOV 23TH,2012

Two recently released videos, Lawless and Stripper Pose showcase the versatility of veteran deejay Cham who continues to inject his own brand of energy into the dancehall industry.

Lawless, produced by Cham’s long-standing creative partner – producer Dave Kelly on the Mad House Records Label, shows off the deejay’s hardcore and hard-hitting dancehall flavour.

The video was officially released in October and was directed by newcomer Dennis Brown of V.S.M.P.

Like the song, the video is a gritty rendition of life in the streets and was shot on Molynes Road and Mountain View with a cameo appearance from Shizzle of the Sherlock Crew.

According to Cham, the aim of the two videos is to give the fans a fun and creative product to enjoy for the remainder of the year.

“The idea was to make videos that are fun and creative at the same time. So for Lawless we went for a movie-like treatment and Stripper Pose is like a beach party vibe,” said Cham.

Stripper Pose, another song produced by Kelly, is all about the girls in its content and in the video. The video , directed by Xxtreme of Cashflow and edited by Dennis Brown of V.S.M.P., was shot at Waves Beach in Portmore to capture an authentic party vibe.

Making a cameo at the end of the video is Cham’s up-and-coming deejay wife, O.

Additionally, Cham also has his Portmore Anthem song out, which is getting rotation on airwaves as well.

With these videos and songs out, Cham feels he has satisfied his fans. “Anything else would be too much,” joked the deejay.

For the remainder of the year, the deejay will be making a number of appearances, which include shows in New York, Florida, Georgia, Antigua, Guyana and Panama