Busy Signal Stands By Initial Statement

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It is regrettable that this incident has happened, however, Busy Signal and Turf Music Entertainment stand by their initial statement “we were not aware of the monies owed to Pepperrs Entertainment Limited.”

Juke Boxx Productions has disclosed that they received USD $30,000 for the show. Bank transfers, which were made available to Turf Music Entertainment via the promoter, indicates that USD $37,088 was sent.

Furthermore, after severing ties with Juke Boxx, documents relating to this show were never forwarded to Turf Music Entertainment; whether in print, email or hard copy format. Juke Boxx also mentioned that Busy Signal received a deposit of USD $22,500 (after deducting their 10% fee of US $2,500). This would bring the total to $25,000 USD. It therefore stands to reason that $5,000 USD paid by the promoter to Juke Boxx is still unaccounted for and was never paid to the artiste.

As it relates to the court documents, it is evident that Juke Boxx actually received $37,088 and not $30,000 as they stated, that $7,088, is also unaccounted for and was never paid to the artiste. It is indeed true that the promoter was in breach of the contract as referred to in their release:

(4. If PURCHASER fails or refuses to comply with any of the material provisions contained in the Contract or this Rider, including but not limited to filing or refusing (A) to proceed with the presentation of the engagement which is the subject of the Contract (B) To make payment (s) has set forth in this Contract on or before the dates and times specified or otherwise defaults in performing any obligations under this agreement, the ARTISTE and Juke Boxx Productions shall be entitled to retain said deposits as liquidated damages).

However, realizing the harsh economic times, Busy Signal agreed to refund the promoter $9,000 USD in 2013 (referred to in the penultimate paragraph of Juke Boxx’s statement).

With all the information that has now come to light, Busy Signal and by extension Turf Music

Entertainment is therefore requesting that Juke Boxx Productions release the original contract along with all bank statements of monies received from Pepperrs Entertainment Limited regarding this event.

We therefore advise, that collecting on someone’s behalf without full disclosure can create confusion and lead to unpleasant consequences.​

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