burning spear

Born: March 1, 1948
St. Ann | Jamaica

The haunting voice of Burning Spear has long carried the torch for conscious reggae roots music. Uncompromising, Spear sets the highest example of living the teachings. Born Winston Rodney in the rural seaside township of St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, he learned, while still a youth, of the visionary black leader Marcus Garvey, who shared his same birthplace. Garvey’s teachings would later influence Burning Spear deeply.
It was Bob Marley (also from St. Ann’s) who first pushed him to try his luck in Kingston. Now, for over 30 years, Burning Spear has produced a musical legacy that is unmatched. From 1969’s ‘Door Peep’ to the Grammy Award winning ‘Calling Rastafari’.

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