Buju’s lawyer responds to US government’s cross-appeal

13 MARCH,2012

Buju Banton’s lawyer, David Markus has responded to the United States’ government’s request to have the courts ignore his appeal to have the artiste’s guilty verdict overturned.”.

Last month, Markus had filed an appeal, stating that the state had failed to bring enough evidence to convict Buju Banton, given name Mark Myrie.

The state, through Assistant US Attorney James Preston, had been quick to respond, saying there was more than enough evidence to have convicted Myrie and that the courts should rethink throwing out a gun charge the prosecution had tacked on to the charges during a second trial.

But Markus has responded to the prosecution’s cross-appeal, saying the document did not refute their failure to prove Myrie’s guilt.

Markus has also restated his claim that Buju was entrapped by a government agent and that the artiste’s right to a speedy trial was violated and that the acquittal on the gun charge issue was the correct one.