june 30th,2013

So days ago, Music News asked if Buju Banton’s lead attorney’s new post as mayor will affect his work with Gargamel’s high-profile drug case.

Today we can confirm that such interference is very likely. According to Imhotep Alkebulan, one of the attorney’s on Buju’s legal team, Chokwe Lumumba takes office as Mississippi’s mayor on Monday. He also explains that though no decision has been made yet it is very probable that Buju Banton may have to seek other legal counsel.

Imhotep Alkebulan adds that he believes if Buju that appeals the judge’s ruling he has good chance at prevailing and getting a new trial on all counts.

On Wednesday, a federal judge threw out a 2011 gun conviction against Buju Banton and told the government to bring a criminal contempt charge against a juror who helped send him to prison.

Buju must continue to serve a 10-year sentence for helping set up a deal to buy and sell 11 pounds of cocaine, but, for now, he does not face an additional five years for a participant’s carrying of an illegal gun.

For jury foreman Terri Wright, the troubles are just starting. She could face a fine and up to six months in prison if found guilty of contempt.

December 10 this year, will mark four years since Buju’s incarceration in a US prison.