Buju Banton Gets A Glimpse Of Hope

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APRIL 06TH,2013

Will Buju Banton get an opportunity to undergo a third trial to prove his innocence?

Well, according to new information this is highly probable. It was revealed yesterday, that juror Teri Wright had submitted the wrong computer hard drive for examination by a computer forensic expert hired by Buju to examine if she had done research during his trial.

Terri Wright indicated to the court, during an earlier sitting, that she had used a laptop computer, but the expert had found that she submitted the hard drive for an old desktop computer.

So what will happen now? Buju’s lead attorney, Chokwe Lumumba tells Music News that a ruling hasn’t been made and they are awaiting the judge’s decision.

Buju Banton is currently serving a 10-year sentence in a Florida prison after being convicted of drug trafficking charges in February 2011.

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