Bounty Killer’s newest protégé Releases Graphic video! PRINCE PIN

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MARCH 28TH,2013

Alliance signed artiste Prince Pin, has released an official music video for his latest single Nuh tek Disrespect. The song is a clear war song which incites violence against any human who crosses his path in a way deemed as being negative to him.

Prince Pin is originally from Westmoreland Jamaica. The artiste is already showing similarities to his mentor Bounty Killer who made a name for himself in the early 90s via gun slinging lyrics like Kill Fi Fun, Nah Nuh Mercy, Lodge among others.

The song is beeped from start to finish, however no amount of beeping will ever get this song on the radio, because the broadcasting commission’s rule strongly states that no beeps will be tolerated. Luckily there are places like Yardflex and Youtube which prevents these videos from going to waste.

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