Bounty Killer wants better music

Bounty Killer wants better music

g-18bountykillerHe is the deejay who chants Book, Book Book, and Poor People Fed Up now Bounty Killer is on a crusade for better music!

Yup in a recent interview with the Jamaican Star the deejay who is dubbed “cross, angry and miserable” is making the call for recording artistes to make music with better content, especially social commentary.

The deejay born Rodney Pryce told the Star that some artistes are ignoring Jamaica’s problems, even as he promotes his latest single Karma a song done in combination with Lukie D.

Karma hits out against violence and it is in this vein that the Killer is encouraging fellow artistes to follow his lead.

“Kids are dying and crime is really getting out of hand, the rate is very high. The real voices need to speak up because more people need to be singing for the poor and poverty is the biggest killer right now,” he was quoted as saying.

“People know me as an artiste, but I am also an advocate for justice. At first when I did songs like Poor People Fed Up, I did not do them because I thought I was going to get a big support, I did those songs because positive music needed to be heard,” he continued.

While The Killer sees nothing wrong with doing other songs, he said a balance must be maintained.

“Some of these artistes are doing music just for the hype and stardom, and while that is also good, there are more important things. I used to take the poor people problem as my problem because I came in music to change certain things because at the time political warfare was at its peak, and there was senseless violence over politics,” he said.

Oh well, what can we say, he has a point. What say you… do you think artistes should be more pro-active in their choice of recordings?