Bounty Killer fuels the Aidonia-Kartel debate

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Fans of Vybz Kartel ‘attacked’ Bounty Killer on social media over the weekend for making comparisons to their jailed deejay. This follows Aidonia making claims he was on the same level as Vybz Kartel.

The ‘Warlord’ came out in support of the JOP boss (Aidonia) which sent the Gaza fans into a fenzy in fierce disagreement.

In a television interview on Saturday, the dancehall veteran said that Aidonia was right to compare himself to Vybz Kartel as both deejays are on the same level musically. “He’s up to the par lyrical with Kartel, there’s no denying, Aidonia and Kartel are on that level vocabulary-wise and lyrically.”

He then went further stating “Aidonia can deejay better than Kartel,” he said. “The two a dem can write a similar way but Aidonia is a better deliverer, a man who can deejay better than Kartel, and you can hear it. He has better vocals and he can do better things with his voice. Him never use auto-tune yet because him have that natural, rich vocal.”

Bounty believes “It is more than just lyrical influence we are describing Kartel influence with”.

“He (Kartel) is not just lyrical because it takes more to influence than just music because, when music stop play, you need to get in people head same way. After Ninja Man and Bounty Killer, I think Kartel is the most influential dancehall artiste. We’re not just talking about hit songs, but people following your way of life and your way of thinking.”

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