bogle aka mr wacky

Born: Aug 22, 1964
Died: Jan 20, 2005

Years in the Dancehall Industry with moves that branded him as Jamaica’s
#1 male dancer, Bogle aka Mr Wacky (Born Gerald Levy) is a legend that lives on, even after his death. He invented dance moves that put Dancehall Music
on the map. Bogle had the ability to create dances with out effort and would end up having the world do the new dance. Creator of the Willie Bounce, Wacky Dip, Urkle Dance, Bogle Dance, Pelper, LOY, Jerry Springer, Zip It Up, World Dance, Out and Bad, Sweeper, Stuckie, and many other popular dances.
In the Nineties, Levy created the Bogle, the scene’s first crossover dance move. He was also a major influence on breakout artists such as Elephant Man and Beenie Man, who gave shout-outs
to Levy in songs like ‘Row Like a Boat’.
He was killed in a drive-by shooting in the early morning hours of January 20th 2005 in Kingston, Jamaica.

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