bim shirman

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Born: Feb 2, 1950
Died: Nov 17, 2000

Born Jarrett Tomlinson in Jamaica, Bim Sherman started his career in 1975. He released many 7″ records in Jamaica via his own labels ‘Scorpio’, ‘Red Sea’ and ‘Sun Dew’. One of his biggest fan, the then young reggae producer Adrian Sherwood asked him in 1979 to come
to England and tour with Prince Far I, Creation Rebel and Prince Hammer. Sherman decided to stay in London and became a regular collaborator for the On-U sound. He also started his own label, Century Records. What marked Bim Sherman out from his contemporaries was not just his plaintively sweet vocal delivery, or the matching subtlety of his songwriting,
but the fact that throughout his career
he maintained a fierce defence of his own independence as an artist, keeping control of his output both creatively and commercially. Bim Sherman died, as a result of cancer, on November 17, 2000.

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