best of the best leaves dancehall females lady saw and spice at odds

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best of the best leaves dancehall females lady saw and spice at odds

After stellar performances from the biggest names in dancehall and reggae, Best of the Best was not without drama as dancehall artiste Spice blasted Lady Saw for being unprofessional.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram, Spice stated that she was scheduled to perform before the Queen of the Dancehall, but that Lady Saw “run go work before me”.

“Lady Saw run go work before me as she was scheduled to work after, but because she think she could a stop my ting. She walk on before her time and run go perform before me, but I hope she see now what time it is.”

She added that she was not competing with any female artiste, nor did she wish to take anyone’s place.

“Lady Saw done set it already and done name weh she name and I can’t change that and no other female to come after will be able to change it either. But, there will always be other females to come after that will want to shine too,” the post read.

Spice, who is known to speak her mind, held nothing back as she sought to clear the air.

“I’m just here to do me, to do my thing and feed my two kids. I don’t know what the problem is but I just know that Lady Saw too badmind and the argument done!” she further posted.

When contacted, Kaylia Williams, public relations officer for Lady Saw, stated that she did not wish to comment on the issue, nor had she seen the Instagram post because Spice had blocked them.

This is not the first time that the two female artistes have been in the spotlight regarding their feud. Lady Saw had accused Spice of being a backstabber, while Spice had responded that she needed Jesus.

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