Beenie Man Blast Jamaican Government For Fighting Dancehall

june 17th,2013

Beenie Man is the latest big name dancehall star to speak out against the Jamaican government for strict laws on street dance.

Last month, Mavado called on the government to help dancehall music and not fight.

However, Beenie Man is angry at the government for what he called years of fighting a staple in Jamaican culture.
Mavado Calls On Jamaican Authorities To Save Dancehall

Speaking with Anthony Miller of ER, Beenie Man blames the government for a downward trend in dancehall.

“The present state of dancehall is that the government think they have it on lock,” Beenie Man said. “But you don’t have anything on lock. The only way you can have Jamaica on lock is to give the people what they want. People need to enjoy themselves after a hard week work. On a weekend you can’t have dance a lock off 1 or 2 o’clock.”

Beenie Man says crime in Jamaica is at a all time high because the government is locking down dancehall.

“So you think the crime rate down because they lock down Tivoli?” Beenie Man questioned. “A worse crime going on now. Kids neck getting cut off and kids are getting kidnapped. Mother a get rape and if the father talked too loud him get rape too.”