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APRIL 10TH,2013

AFTER a 15-year split, former members of dancehall label Mainstreet Records, are reuniting for a series of shows.

Deejays Red Rat, General Degree, Mr G (aka Goofy), Buccaneer, Hawkeye and Lady G comprise the second coming.

According to General Degree, the reunion is a long time coming.

“Our fans are always requesting this and I have always wanted to do this but it wasn’t until last year that we met up as a crew to discuss the matter,” he said. “It was kinda ticklish to get everyone together as each is doing his/her individual project but we pulled it off.”

The Mainstreet Crew’s first gig is scheduled for Nassau, The Bahamas on May 3.

Missing from the revived lineup is Danny Browne, the producer and creative mind behind Mainstreet’s success of the 1990s.

Browne’s conversion to Christianity effectively signaled the label’s end 15 years ago.

Singer Richie Stephens and singjay Chrissy D, other key members of the Mainstreet Crew, will not be part of the upcoming shows.

Among the hit songs produced by Mainstreet in its heyday were Red Rat’s Shelly-Ann, Buccaneer’s Bruk Out, Goofy’s Brush You Teeth, Arrest Mi Officer by Hawkeye and General Degree’s Hold You Tonight and Granny.

Browne was a founder of the Bloodfire Posse band and a reputed session guitarist prior to starting Mainstreet Records.

He is still involved in the music industry but focuses on gospel, producing songs by reggae/gospel artistes such as Prodigal Son, DJ Nicholas and Jason Mighty.

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