augusto pablo

Born: June 21, 1954
St. Andrew,Jamaica
Died: May 18, 1999

Horace Swaby aka Augustus Pablo is probably best known for his melodica playing, although he actually started his career as a session pianist for Coxsone Dodd. His experimenting with the melodica led to a new sound in reggae music, which almost immediately became very popular. Beyond doubt Augustus Pablo was of great influence
on the development of reggae music,
not only as melodica / keyboards
player but also as a producer. Pablo’s first recording came in 1971. His most famous track from this period was
‘East Of The River Nile’ which set the mould for his ‘Far Eastern’ sound. His signature is a combination of minor keys and modern melodies and influences on his music ranged from ska trombonist Don Drummond to Studio One organist Jackie Mittoo.
Pablo died of the nerve disorder Myasthenia gravis on May 18, 1999

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