Fathead (born Vernon Rainford, c.1960 – 19 October 1988) was a dancehall deejay best known for his collaborations with Yellowman in the early 1980s.

Fathead was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and was already an established deejay when he began working with Yellowman, during the peak of the latter’s popularity between 1980 and 1982. The pair performed regularly at the Aces Disco in St. Thomas, and recorded a live album there (the first ever live dancehall album), Live at Aces, which was sufficiently successful for studio follow-ups Bad Boy Skanking and For Your Eyes Only (both 1982). Other albums featuring the duo were One Yellowman, Supermix, and The Yellow, The Purple, and the Nancy, the latter also featuring Purpleman and Sister Nancy.

With Yellowman concentrating on solo material, Fathead went on to work with others, having a hit in 1983 with “It’s Me”, and collaborating with Beenie Man, Early B, Johnny Ringo, and Ranking Toyan.

Yellowman and Fathead were reunited in 1984 for the Showdown vol. 5 album, split between the duo and Purpleman.

Rainford was murdered in Florida, United States on 22 December 1988, dying from a gunshot wound. During an interview with Winston Foster (Yellowman) carried out by Steve Day in Brighton, England on 4 November 2009, Yellowman confirmed that Fathead (Vernon Rainford) was actively involved in the Miami drug trade. It was this involvement that would lead to his death.