AMERICAN news agency Associated Press (AP) has given reggae singer Jah Cure’s latest album — The Cure — thumbs up.

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In a review by AP’s Bianca Roach posted on Thursday, the singer (given name Siccature Alcock) is said to bring musical therapy to the ears via his album.

According to the report, Cure — who co-produced the album — branches out of his comfort zone with a mix of reggae and lovers’ rock infused with pop and R&B elements.

It further stated that Jah Cure sings from the heart throughout the entire album.

“Set Me Free is a sweet groove, Show Love is tender, and That Girl features his captivating vocals,” the article stated.

The 13-track record features the dancehall anthem Life We Live — where Cure encourages listeners to “turn the world off and turn the music on” — as well as his impressive cover of John Legend’s No. 1 hit, All of Me.

The Cure showcases an evolved sound from Cure’s previous albums, and his poetic messages of empowerment and love make this a classic.

The first of a two-album deal with VP Records, The Cure was slated to be released July 7.

In a previous interview with the Jamaica Observer, Jah Cure said he was experimenting with new sounds.

“Is a new soun’ mi a try. A lotta the newcomer dem trying to go back to the Bob Marley era, but I don’t want to be like dem. Yuh can hear a likkle bit a everything on dis album,” Jah Cure said.

The album is currently number two on iTunes Reggae Album Top 10

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