Alkaline Driven by St Kitts & Nevis Saga

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Despite steps by the authorities in St. Kitts and Nevis to bar Alkaline’s performance, the dancehall deejay, says he’s not deterred by the move as he has gotten accustomed to people being against him.

Law enforcement officials revoked the work permit granted to the Jamaican deejay to perform in Nevis last Saturday.

Alkaline adds that the matter is trivial and he’s motivated to continue doing his work.

Alkaline’s presence in the country and his intention to perform at a concert apparently only became an issue when it was brought to the attention of the Premier of Nevis.The Office of the Premier raised strong objection to Alkaline’s performance claiming the deejay’s content could elicit lewdness.

Recently, follow entertainer, Tommy Lee Sparta was deported from the Dominican Republic because of what they call his demonic persona. The deejay is suing the Dominican government.

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