Tosh Family Seek Donations To Free Tosh1

Tosh Family Seek Donations To Free Tosh1



The Tosh family has launched a petition seeking donations to free Peter Tosh’s youngest son Jawara McIntosh better known as Tosh 1 who has been in a New Jersey jail since Father’s Day.

Tosh 1 was arrested on charges of marijuana possession with the intent to distribute the drug. Police say he was caught with 65½ pounds of marijuana. Tosh 1 who remains incarcerated was given bail in the sum of two hundred thousand US dollars ($200,000).

Dave Tosh says the petition to free his brother and ultimately marijuana is led by Tosh 1’s legal team.

In relating news, the mother of legendary entertainer Peter Tosh will be laid to rest on Saturday, November 9 at the Cave New Testament Church of God in Westmoreland.

The interment follows at the family plot at the Peter Tosh Memorial Garden.

Alvera Coke who was ailing for some time died in Westmoreland on October 27 at the age of 96. At the time of her death, Miss Coke had a fractured hip, diabetes and hypertension.