Mr. Vegas Sides With RDX In Dancers Feud

MAY 09TH,2013

Entertainer Mr. Vegas has weighed in on the controversy involving dancehall duo RDX and some dancehall dancers.

Tensions were high after RDX member Renegade, sent out a controversial BlackBerry broadcast which apparently targeted the dancing community.

The BBM broadcast read: “MESSAGE TO DANCEHALL DANCERS: Once upon a time dancing was at the forefront of dancehall where ordinary kids from the street became celebrities thru the art of dancing. RDX, Voicemail among others were pivotal in this movement. Then many dancers were struck by an epidemic called UNGRATEFUL and the dancing songs came to a halt. Some dancers run off go U.S., become moggla, cookout promoter etc. Some all get lean to. Dancehall cannot exist without dancing, so big up to the real one dem who holding up DANCING CULTURE #DanceOrDie.”

Mr. Vegas says while he agrees with RDX to an extent he would have communicated the information differently.
Female dancer Keiva, Craigy J and Ova Mars are some of the dancers who have publicly expressed their displeasure with RXD’s BBM broadcast which caused quite a stir among some dancehall dancers.