Big speech from Frisco Kid

JAN 20TH,2013

After a self-imposed break, deejay Frisco Kid is on the comeback trail, and he is determined to make a difference the second time around.

The diminutive entertainer, whose real name is Steve Wray, was in top form during the 1990s with songs like Little and Cute and Big Speech.

His latest recordings include Number One Girl and Gal World.

Though has been off the music scene for a few years, Frisco Kid says he still has what it takes to revive what he believes is a dying genre.

“There is too much division among dancehall artistes, no longer is love shared among them. They have become envious of each other’s success and with negative factors as such, the music will not strive,” he told Splash.

He added that while artistes ike Romain Virgo, Chronixx, Iba Mahr and I-Octane are making a mark, more needs to be done for dancehall to return to its glory years of the 1990s.

“There is no fun in the party anymore, it is all about the hype as that is what the entertainers are recording about,” he said.

Frisco Kid is originally from west Kingston but first came to prominence on the Portmore sound system circuit.

Linking with producer Dave Kelly, he had big hits with Little and Cute and Big Speech. These were followed by Rubbers for Kelly on the popular Joyride rhythm.