Leslie Kong (1933 – August 9, 1971) was a Chinese Jamaican record producer.

In 1962, he recorded Bob Marley’s first single: “One Cup of Coffee” and “Judge Not”,
and Jimmy Cliff’s first hit, “Miss Jamaica”. Kong, known in Jamaican
music circles as “the Chinaman,” quickly established himself as the
island’s leading producer of local popular music.

Kong died of a heart attack, aged 38, in August 1971, after being allegedly ‘cursed’ by Bunny Livingston of The Wailers after a dispute over the release of an album entitled The Best of the Wailers;
the Wailers believed that the release of such an album was premature,
saying that their best music was yet to come. Kong makes a cameo
appearance in the film The Harder They Come,
where he is seen overseeing a recording session with Toots & the

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